Hey check my Art !

2011-01-26 16:14:42 by BloodAngelofWar


just got finished with my new Drawing, using my ODYS graphics board , check "Desperad" on my Art page. Please leave a comment !

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Life shoud be like this song ^^

2008-10-15 09:13:32 by BloodAngelofWar

Every live shoud be like this song ^^ sure i could hear this everyday !!!!

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Out there

2008-10-14 03:49:53 by BloodAngelofWar


What the hell is about world ??? why the hack is everyone pissed off ??? something is going wrong here....

i here so much about peopol running amok ? why ? dont no WHY ! psychologists most say MEDIA is one great factor....

mh.. should i go buy me a gun and shout the shit outa my School ? No why ? cos to much ^^

Ohh no our world will die because we drive cars !!! what ? oh thanks now i know why the prices so high ^^

can i say millionaires are crazy ? can i ? i think... yea they are crazy !! makin money "all day" and they mean oh my money runs away ^^ i got not enough !!! WHAT ?? 10000000 is not ENOUGH ??? -.-

so what iam gone do is live on and on... and Earth will not die until I DO !!!!!!!

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suggestions comment it if you hate me then go home and cry because you are not god and only he has the privilege to hate me...

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>life is a dumb game, but the graphics are Great<